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What is Digital Smile Design?

If you’re considering a change to the appearance of your smile or making the investment in restoring your teeth, Digital Smile Design can show you the destination before you embark on the journey. Modern technology makes it possible to plan your entire treatment using computer simulation and allows you to work alongside Dr. Raymond as the co-architect of your new smile. This innovative tool is one more way that Skyline Dental strives to give you the ideal patient experience and is often used to enhance the outcome of treatments like:

Why Skyline Dental?

The ability to view your future smile in advance of committing to care is an amazing tool. It allows you to work alongside Dr. Raymond as the co-architect of your new smile, choosing from an extensive smile menu with a variety of tooth shapes, sizes, and colors. We can even use digital technology to clone your original smile from old photos if you wish to restore your teeth after trauma or dental disease. If you prefer, you can create the smile you’ve always wanted using inspirational photos.

At Skyline Dental, we want our patients to be able to enjoy the benefits of great oral health and a beautiful smile.

This is everything dental care should be.

How it works: Digital Smile Design at Skyline Dental

Your first visit is simple and focused on data collection. We listen to your goals and desires, take photos, and create a 2D simulation for you to preview and give input.

Once the 2D plan is agreed upon, we move to the 3-dimensional design. With a digital impression of your teeth using our comfortable intra-oral scanning, our experienced team of dental specialists and lab technicians will utilize the most advanced techniques and CAD software to create your custom 3D smile design.

With your custom digital smile design completed, you can physically try on your new teeth at a future visit. This is commonly referred to as the “smile mock-up” or “smile preview.” Oftentimes, you’re able to leave wearing the mock-up to “test-drive” for several days, ensuring it not only looks right but also feels right to you and your loved ones.

The 5 steps to planning your best smile


Interview and discovery


Record taking

Dr. Raymond with patient and tablet


Smile preview (2D design)


The blueprint (3D design)


Smile test drive

BEFORE & AFTER: Seeing is Believing


“I worked with Dr. Raymond on a plan to rebuild my mouth. I had braces, implants and veneers. I cannot express how hard they work to make you comfortable and understand what is happening. ”

– Myra

Frequently Asked Questions

How does digital dentistry and Digital Smile Design improve patient care?

First and foremost, digital smile design allows dentists and patients to leverage technology to quickly and affordably create multiple smile proposals so there is clear agreement on the direction of care before starting.

Secondly, digital dentistry allows the dentist to use simulation software to map out the treatment in advance. The exercise of planning and mapping the treatment in advance comes with many benefits, including but not limited to: fewer and quicker procedure visits, avoidance of unforeseen obstacles and complications with care, and more conservative treatments that improve long-term health and longevity.

What if my dentist doesn’t use smile preview software?

For the following 3 reasons, if you’re looking to change the appearance of your smile, we believe it’s important to find a dentist with smile preview software.

1) A good outcome can be achieved without 3D smile design, but it is much less predictable and typically the patient and dentist are not certain the results will look good until irreversible work has already begun. 2) It is also difficult to discuss treatment options without first creating a smile preview that the patient likes the appearance of. 3) Furthermore, since multiple treatment options typically exist depending on the look the patient wants to achieve, it’s not possible to show the difference between one treatment option over another without preview software. We feel transparency and fully informed consent to dental treatment cannot be achieved without smile preview software.

How does Digital Smile Design create smiles that look natural and not synthetic?

Apart from the benefit of immediate visualization, technology has allowed us to copy nature, so we can seamlessly recreate it. After scanning thousands of natural tooth shapes, digital smile design is as simple as superimposing a digitized, beautiful, natural tooth from our library into your smile proposal.

How much does a digital smile design proposal cost?

The initial 2D smile preview is complimentary as part of a new patient exam at Skyline Dental. This no-charge proposal is usually completed at the initial visit when requested by the patient. The preview is generated from a full-face smile photo on an iPad and the new smile is designed chair-side to show the patient what is possible.
3D smile designs, also known as a “wax up” or “smile blueprint” are more involved in that the final, tooth shapes are designed for esthetics and balanced chewing with opposing teeth.

This varies depending on the number of teeth, but the average cost is $800.

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