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What are dental crowns?

A dental crown, also known as a cap, covers a single tooth by fully encasing it with a prosthetic enamel known as porcelain. It can protect a weak tooth, restore a broken or damaged tooth, cover a misshapen or discolored tooth, and make other cosmetic and restorative modifications to your smile and bite.

At Skyline Dental, we offer dental crowns made from high-tech and durable tooth-colored porcelain. Your dental crown will look and function just like a natural tooth!

Why Skyline Dental?

At Skyline Dental, it is our goal to help you get a smile you will love and keep it for life. Dental crowns are one way that we can achieve this.

Your Tucson crowns dentist is committed to giving you a healthy and happy smile so you can live your best life.

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Not all dental crowns are built the same.

How Skyline Dental delivers minimally-invasive crowns that look and feel great.

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“I had an accident when I was younger that brought me to my first crowns. I had a fall recently where the crowns were damaged, so I went looking for the right dentist. It was very apparent to me when I came in that this is an exceptional place, and the right place for me.”

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“I love my new smile. Wish I did this sooner. The process was easy and I had complete confidence in Dr. Raymond and his team from start to finish.”

“What truly impressed me was the technology and software he and his staff operate. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen in other dental offices.”

“Dr. Raymond and his team are amazing. I’m so happy with my new smile and Skyline Dental made it affordable by allowing me to make payments over time.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do crowns last?

A dental crown can last only a few short years, while some people keep their dental crowns for life. Why are outcomes so variable? How long a crown lasts depends on the quality of the crown, which is dentist-dependent, combined with the individual risk for crown failures, which is patient-dependent. When crowns last 40+ years, that’s because it was well-made and well-maintained. At Skyline Dental, we will educate you on your specific risks so you can maintain your dental work, for example, using anti-cavity toothpastes or wearing a night guard.

Do I need a root canal before getting a crown?

No. This is a common misconception. Dental crowns are actually designed to prevent the need for root canals by protecting the tooth nerve from cracks and cavities. Crowns seal teeth damaged by large cavities and make them more resistant to new cavities. Crowns also reinforce and protect teeth weakened by cracks and large fillings, reducing the tooth’s risk for fracture. If crowns are not done in a timely manner, a large crack, fracture, or cavity may lead to nerve pain and the need for a root canal prior to your dentist restoring the damaged tooth with a crown. If you and your dentist are proactive about fixing teeth before they break or become painful, you’ll avoid the need for root canals.

Do dental crowns hurt?

At Skyline Dental, we work to ensure that your dental crown procedure is as comfortable as possible. If you are adequately numbed, your procedure will be pain-free. If you feel any discomfort during treatment, it is important to communicate with your dentist so they can provide additional anesthetic. Following a procedure, it is not uncommon for mild soreness or sensitivity to occur for 1-2 days after the procedure as the area heals.

Will my insurance cover the cost of a dental crown?

Coverage varies from plan to plan, but most plans will cover some of the cost. The industry standard is that crowns are covered at 50%, meaning the patient will need to pay the remaining 50%. At Skyline Dental, we can help you estimate the out-of-pocket cost of your dental crown.

How do I care for my dental crown?

You can brush and floss your dental crown just like it was a natural tooth to protect the underlying tooth from developing a cavity or gum disease. If you grind your teeth at night, you can protect your crown from cracking by wearing a night guard. Be sure to keep up with your regular exams and checkups and ask your dentist about your specific risk factors so you can best maintain your crown and keep it for life.

Need a Crown?

Avoid a painful toothache and the need for a root canal or dental implant by proactively fixing your tooth today!