Advanced Technology to Keep You Smiling

We take great pride in staying on the leading edge of the dental field. Our mission is to research and learn about new treatments and techniques to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible. In addition to attending continuing education courses and team training, we’ve also invested in advanced technology to give our patients the high-quality care they deserve. Read more to learn about how our technology makes your path towards dental health more comfortable and time-efficient. Our state-of-the-art technology produces superior outcomes compared to traditional methods.

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3D Printing

3D printing is revolutionizing dentistry and Skyline Dental is embracing this new technology to remain at the forefront of our field. By combining 3D printing and digital scanning, there is no longer a need for traditional impressions and dusty stone models to fabricate occlusal guards, bleaching trays, or to plan, design, and execute complex full-mouth care.

Skyline Dental digital lab
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Digital Scanning

Say goodbye to a mouth full of goopy impression material. Skyline Dental uses the fastest and most accurate digital scanner on the market, enhancing your dental experience and giving you the best results when it comes to the fit and appearance of your dental restorations. Digital scanning also reduces the waste of single-use plastics and rubbers often utilized in traditional impressions. Digital impressions are emailed, not shipped, reducing emissions and our overall footprint.

dental imaging

State-of-the-Art Office

  • Digital X-rays produce less radiation than traditional X-rays and provide precise, almost-instant images of your smile.
  • Smile preview software allows us to design a virtual, 3D model of your future smile in order to map out the best treatment plan for your needs.
  • Intraoral cameras give us the ability to show patients a dentist’s view of their mouth to walk them through diagnoses and treatment options.
  • Isolite® is a soft mouthpiece that comfortably holds your mouth open and suctions excess saliva during your treatment.