Digital Smile Design
in Tucson, AZ

If you’re considering a change to the appearance of your smile or making the investment in restoring your ability to chew after years of wear and tear, digital smile design can show you the destination before embarking on the journey. Modern technology makes it possible to plan your entire treatment using computer simulation.

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Your Journey to a More Confident & Natural Smile

The ability to view your future smile in advance of committing to care is an amazing tool. It allows you to work alongside Dr. Raymond as the co-architect, choosing from a variety of tooth shapes, sizes, and colors from an extensive smile menu. We can even use digital technology to clone your original smile from old photos, create the smile you’ve always wanted using inspirational photos, and allow you to view before and after photos side by side to share with friends and family.

See how Dr. James Raymond and our team at Skyline Dental use modern smile design technology to simulate your new smile in minutes.

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The Smile Design Process

The first visit is simple and focused on data collection. We listen to your goals and desires, take photos and create a 2D simulation for you to preview and add your input.

The next step is a digital impression of your teeth using a non-invasive intra-oral scanner (learn more about our digital scanning technology). We call this process “smile digitalization.” Once digitized, you can get back to doing what you love. We will prep and plan for your next visit, consulting with our team of dental specialists and lab technicians, using the most advanced techniques and research in facially-driven esthetics and CAD software to design your smile.

After we complete your custom smile design, you can physically try it in at your next visit, known as the smile “mock-up” or “try-in.” Often times, you’re able to leave wearing the mock-up to “test-drive” for several days, ensuring it not only looks right but also feels right to you and your loved ones.

How Digital Smile Design Allows Us to Create Smiles that Look Natural & Not Synthetic

Apart from the benefit of immediate visualization, technology like 3D scanners has allowed us to copy nature, so we can seamlessly recreate it. After scanning thousands of teeth, natural smile design is as simple as super-imposing a digitized, beautiful, natural tooth from our library into your smile proposal.

Here is the final outcome using porcelain veneers to deliver a beautiful smile using a completely digital workflow.

If you’re living in Tucson, Arizona, Dr. James Raymond and our team at Skyline Dental are an excellent choice to deliver the smile of your dreams. If you’re traveling from out of town, inquire about our special rates at La Paloma Resort!

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