B. Miller

“Thank you for taking this extra precaution. Your stance on this matter only makes me love and appreciate your practice even more. Clearly, you care about the welfare of all persons involved over anything else and that speaks volumes.”
—B. Miller

Marie K

“Thank you for the update. I am so grateful to now go to a dental office with such high standards and concern for their staff and patient well-being. I will come whenever you are open and it’s safe.”
— Marie K

Sarah G

“Thank you for your thoughtful, rational response to this pandemic. Your caution is much appreciated, and you can bet that I will be continuing dental care with you and your team because of your reasoned caution. OK, and also because of your skill, state of the art equipment, professional team, and attention to the health of your patients. You are an outstanding professional and your practice will not only recover, it will thrive.”
-Sarah G

John and Joan

“Thank you for your thoughtful decision regarding the pace of reopening your services to your clients and for the professional way it was communicated. We think your decision is “right on” and we support it 100%.”
-John and Joan