The Benefits of Digital Dentistry & Digital Smile Design

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What is the value of a confident smile?

Smiling is a universal language that helps us build relationships with those around us. Studies show smiling causes hormonal changes altering our body’s biology and chemistry. These changes then go on to impact all aspects of our health and well-being beyond the benefits of improved chewing and digestion.

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Making a change in the appearance of your smile is not an easy decision, but even more difficult is choosing the right dentist to guide you through the journey. Just like anything, this process starts with you. What do you want? What are your goals and desires? And like many people, your goals may be vague like, “I want my teeth to be lighter,” “I want longer teeth,” or “I want to improve my smile,” and that’s ok. The next question becomes, “How can we better define your goals and desires to create a plan?” The answer lies in digital smile design and the ability to visualize outcomes with software simulations that help refine size, shape, and color desires.

Test-driving your new smile

It’s common practice to test drive a car before buying it, so why isn’t this common practice in dentistry? The basic answer is cost and feasibility. With digital smile design, you can preview your new smile in minutes with a 2D rendering.

When possible, patients can take it to the next level and physically wear their new teeth for several days to several months. 3D designing your new smile can be quickly achieved using computer software to design and 3D print new teeth that snap-in over your existing teeth.

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In short, digital smile design ensures you’re getting the smile you want and love before committing yourself to dental treatment.

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